FOLKS launch their own record label and reveal new song “Chroma Key Donut”

Just shy of two weeks ago, electronic rock band FOLKS started a countdown set to end on June 1st which would culminate in an important announcement for the band.  Now that the day has finally arrived, FOLKS has revealed that they will be parting ways with their major label and establishing their own imprint, aptly titled FOLKS RECORD.

In a heartfelt message to their fans, the band describes their search for a sound that meets their ideals and their changing view on making music for both themselves and others, all of which ultimately led to the decision to create their own label.  In order to commemorate the start of this second era of the band, the members have also published the audio for their new track “Chroma Key Donut” to Soundcloud.

Read on below to take a listen to this new song and keep an eye out for more FOLKS-related music news in the future.

(via natalie)