member Pinky forms new unit with Finnish idols Noora & Petra

It has been revealed that a new unit consisting of member Pinky and Finnish idols Noora & Petra has been formed.

Together they form Pinky! Noora & Petra, and their formation was announced at the recent “DEARSTAGE SHOWCASE 2017” event where they revealed their plans to release debut single “Aurora to Piece” on August 23rd.

The single “Aurora to Peace” was composed by Tomi Yo with lyrical contributions from MCper, and will be released in 2 limited editions and 1 regular version.

This unit is the third act on the label “I BLUE,” which is operated by Dear Stage, Smile Company and Teichiku Entertainment. Labelmates include Japanese boy group The Skateboard Kids and Swedish band Wintergatan.

Finnish members Noora and Petra release dance covers on their YouTube channelnicobot. channel,” where they cite as their favorite idols.

Limited edition A includes the MV for “Aurora to Peace” and the bonus track “Koi Suru Helsinki” composed by YoYo and R&B singer CHIHIRO. Limited edition B includes the making of video of the photoshoot, as well as bonus track “kiertokulku” composed by Schroeder-Headz, featuring a poem penned by Pinky.

Pinky! Noora & Petra will perform at Idol Koushien Natsu Matsuri on July 9th and Tokyo Idol Festival on August 5th.