DE DE MOUSE to release fifth album in time for Christmas

DE DE MOUSE (real name Daisuke Endo) has announced his fifth studio album farewell holiday! to be released on December 2nd. Coming three years after his last album sky was dark, the new work will contain elements of musicals, marches, jazz, and cartoon music, and will hearken to images of Christmas, amusement parks at night, suburbs, dreams and circuses. The cover art illustration for farewell holiday! was created by Akihiko Yoshida, best known as the character designer of Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ouga, and who previously worked with DE DE for his third album A journey to freedom.

Debuting in 2007 with his album tide of stars, DE DE MOUSE has distinguished himself with a unique sound that blends Tibetan and Indonesian tribal music with whimsical samples of children’s voices. He incorporates acid house, hip-hop, and drum’n’bass for an indescribable style that most matches the breakcore genre. In 2009, he launched his own record label, “not. records,” which has recently added chiptune group YMCK and Phoenix + the Flower Girl (solo audio/visual project by Phoenix Troy) to its roster.



  1. friday comers
  2. nice avalanche
  3. farewell holiday!
  4. thousand better things
  5. thursday waltz
  6. bedtime flight
  7. a dozen raindrops
  8. play tag
  9. finally evening
  10. wooden horse rendezvous
  11. bloomy chorus

Official English press release on farewell holiday!:

The album is about young boys who are in charge of delivering seasons from town to town. One day, they had an exciting adventure by a flying wooden merry-go-round, which took them away from their everyday life. DE DE MOUSE’s signature cut up sampling voices represent their faithful “songs of the spell” that the boys sang throughout the album.

In this album, DE DE MOUSE successfully broke through pop music barrier and expressed himself freely by applying methods from musicals, light music, fairground music, cartoon music, marches to jazz. He sprinkles sentimental images of Christmas, midnight amusement parks, suburbs, dreams and the circus, which reminds him of bittersweet feelings from his childhood. In other words, this is DE DE MOUSE’s playful oldies sounds of holiday / weekday music album.

DE DE MOUSE dedicated the past three years in making this album. He challenged creating music while being absolutely true to himself without compromising his integrity and vision. He wishes for the listener to experience that feeling of pure joy they had in some exciting moments in their childhood.

Additionally, with the “farewell holiday!” member card (a download card which will be included with the CD), you can download and enjoy a monthly remixed version of the songs from the album.

11 whimsical dreamy songs,
51 minutes long journey.
Fasten your seat belts and enjoy with us a quaint, romantic and a bit cruel trip of DE DE MOUSE’s “farewell holiday!”

Teaser (U.S. residents can view using a proxy server, like ZenMate for Chrome):

Find out more at DE DE MOUSE’s official website.