CYBERJAPAN DANCERS Unleash Summertime Forever (Short ver.) MV

The highly anticipated song of the summer is here! CYBERJAPAN DANCERS have finally uploaded their debut MV for “Summertime Forever”, but just the short version. The setting of the MV takes place at a luxurious beach-side house where the members take part in the ultimate summer getaway. They pose on a Hummer, dance around a pool, and apply make-up in the kitchen.

Those looking for fan-service surely won’t be disappointed; the girls outfits consist of bright colorful bikini’s and cheerleader outfits that leave little to the imagination.  At times the camera isn’t exactly subtle with the sudden ass closeups, but it does fit the overall mood and theme of the MV.

Arguably a very strong contender for Japan Record Award’s Best Vocal Performance, “Summertime Forever” is a cute EDM-inspired track that’s, without a doubt, a perfect fit for the current hot weather. More information on CYBERJAPAN DANCERS and their debut single can be found here. Watch the short MV below the jump!

Summertime Forever” will be released on July 12th, 2017.