Boy band MeseMoa takes fan service to a new level in “Shadow Kiss” MV

MeseMoa recently released the MV for their new song “Shadow Kiss” , the main promo song for their upcoming studio album “Secret”. The MV takes place in a church where the members repeatedly kiss each other over and over again.

MeseMoa is an indie boy group who originally got their start in 2012 under the name “Morning Musuemen” where they covered songs by the Hello!Project supergroup Morning Musume. “Secret” is the groups first album released under their new name, it will be released on April 29th, 2017.

According to RocketNews24 there are 36 kisses in total, with the song being just under 4 minutes long that equals to 1 kiss every 6 seconds! The MV has actually received quite a positive response from their fans (obviously) and netizens. As of this post the MV is just shy of 10k likes, and only has 295 dislikes.

Watch the video for “Shadow Kiss” below!