Ayumi Hamasaki to release 20th anniversary edition of “LOVEppears”

ICON Ayumi Hamasaki will be releasing a special 20th anniversary edition of her second studio album “LOVEppears“. The anniversary edition of the album was completely remastered using the original recording tapes.

The album has so far been announced in two different versions, a limited edition 4CD + DVD and a standard 3CD. The deluxe version cover is a full body shot of the iconic topless photo originally used for the cover. It will be housed in a digipak package, and also come with a transparent sleeve.

Disc 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Fly high
  3. Trauma
  4. And Then
  5. immature
  6. Boys & Girls
  7. TO BE
  8. End roll
  9. P.SII
  11. too late
  12. appears
  13. monochrome
  14. Interlude
  15. LOVE ~refrain~
  16. Who…

Disc 2

  1.  ayu’s EURO MEGA-MIX “Y&Co. Mix”
  2. ayu’s HOUSE MEGA-MIX “N.S House Mix”
  3. A Song for ×× “MILLENNIUM MIX” from 1st Album
  4. POWDER SNOW “Acoustic Orchestra Version” from あゆ・み・っくす
  5. FRIEND Ⅱ “MAKE MY MAD MIX” from ayu-mi-x

Disc 3

  1. appears (99 Greeting Mix)
  2. appears (Scud Filter Mix)
  3. appears (Dub’s Eurotech Remix)
  4. WHATEVER (Ferry ‘System F’ Corsten dub mix)
  5. appears (JP’s Sound Factory Mix)
  6. appears (HΛL’s Mix)
  7. immature (D-Z DUAL LUCIFER MIX)
  8. WHATEVER (Ferry ‘System F’ Corsten vocal extended mix)
  9. appears (Keith Litman’s Mix of Truth)
  10. immature (JT Original CM Version)
  11. appears (99 Greeting Mix -Instrumental-)
  12. immature (JT Original CM Version -Instrumental

Disc 4 (limited edition only)

  1. appears (HΛL’s Progress)
  2. appears (Acoustic version)
  3. appears (Armin van Buuren’s remix)
  4. appears (Junior’s Appears On The Air)
  5. appears (HW Club Mix)
  6. appears (DJ-TURBO remix)
  7. appears (Junior’s Club Mix)
  8. appears (HW Tokyo Hard House Mix)
  9. appears (Armin van Buuren’s Sunset Dub)
  10. appears (Aggressive Extended Mix)
  11. appears (Melodic Extended Mix)
  12. appears (Shinichi Osawa remix)
  13. appears (Inst melo version)

DVD (limited edition only)

  1. Fly high
  2. Boys & Girls
  3. TO BE
  5. appears
  6. kanariya
  7. LOVE ~Destiny~
  8. Who… (Live Lyric Video)
  9. Trauma (ayupan choreography video)

Described as a masterpiece that cemented it’s place in J-pop history, the 20th Anniversary edition of LOVEppears will be released on November 10th, 2019.

“LOVEppears” went on to sell over 2.5 million copies in Japan only, and contained some of Ayu’s biggest signature songs including “Boys & Girls“, “Who…“, and “Trauma“.