ARAMA! JAPAN Interviews: VOCALOID producer PinocchioP

Do you have a favorite ritual you like to do before a live performance?

PinocchioP: I shake and swing my arms while shouting “YOSSHAA!”.

Have you heard any “Utaite” versions of your songs? If so, do you have a favorite?

PinocchioP: Recently, I think that Haida Mio-san’s “I’m glad you’re evil too” has a great expressiveness. I want everyone to watch this more.

Who are your favorite fellow VOCALOID producers and “Utattemitas“?

PinocchioP: Dennoko P-san is awesome. He always combines broadness of music and imaginations. In regards to Utaite, when Fukuwa-san sang “It’s Matsuri, Hey Come On”, I thought that I am fond of his stance.

How did the cafe collaboration with Shuminova happen? Was this an idea you came up with or did Shuminova approach you with this idea?

PinocchioP: It was Shuminova’s proposal. I had never done such a thing before, and it seemed to be really interesting, so I decided to collaborate without thought of profit. I was glad that they made menu items based upon my songs.

What do you think about the Japanese music scene today and what do you wish for it, personally.

PinocchioP: Distorted, awkward and twisted expressions, and perfect expressions exciting for everyone. I wish that both of them impress many people together in a more interesting form.

Why do you think VOCALOID has gained such a strong fanbase overseas?

PinocchioP: I can speak only Japanese and can’t speak English at all. (When I use English on Twitter, I have asked for translation.) I think that the Internet is wonderful. I’m very glad that recently there are many voices from foreign countries to me. Thank you very much.

Do you have a message for your international fans?

PinocchioP: Thank you for listening to my songs always. I wish that people who have never listened to my songs would try once. From now on, I want to do a concert overseas and make much more interesting music!

PinnochioP’s latest album “HUMAN” will be released worldwide on November 23rd. International fans can keep up with his activities via his official facebook profile.

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