AKB48 opens applications for part-time members, $10 hourly wage

In a new video from the collaboration between AKB48 and Japan’s largest portal for part time work Baitoru, AKB48 members are at a press conference claiming they are missing a member and are looking to fill that void. No experience required!

For this application process starting today until September 10th, management is looking for female fans middle school-aged and up interested in working as an AKB48 member part time. Those who accept the offer must agree to shoot a CM and appear as a Baitoru (Dip Inc.) image character. Throughout the duration, all food and transportation will be provided and costumes will be lent out.

Check out the video and part time AKB48 application guidelines below.

Job Description

Activities include taking part as a television commercial member, event appearances, radio, magazine, handshake events

Hourly wage

1,000 yen


AKS Ltd.


Chiyoda, Tokyo (nearest station: Akihabara) and event venues nationwide


7AM – 9PM

Middle school student restrictions

Legally less than 7 hours a day and 40 hours a week including school hours

High school student restrictions (18 years old or less)

Legally less than 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week


Until February 27th, then renewable for 3 months

Check out more at the official website.