After 675 days Sayumi Michishige re-emerges!

Former Morning Musume member Sayumi Michishige has sent idol fans into a frenzy after publishing a new entry on her blog. Sayumi graduated from Morning Musume and Hello!Project in November 2014 following the completion of their autumn concert tour. Sayumi previously announced that after graduating she would take a temporary hiatus from all activities.

No further details were given, and once graduating it seemed like she had disappeared and left no trace behind. This all changed today after a new entry on her blog was published. Minutes after the entry was posted Sayumi instantly shot up to the #1 twitter trends in Japan with various prominent news outlets covering the story. A return to entertainment activities was not mentioned in the entry, but choosing to return to social media still has fans more than excited that they’ll potentially at least be getting regular updates from her again.

Sayumi wrote a very long, heartfelt entry that is sure to touch the heart of any fan who reads it. Check it out below.


It’s been a long time.
I tried to…update.
(via ameba)

A single tear just slid down my face. Welcome back Sayu!