Morning Musume. ’17 Reinvents a Classic for Miso Soup

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the longest idol groups in Japan, Morning Musume. ’17. To celebrate, the group recently announced a promotional tie-in with the miso paste company Marukome.

With this collaboration, Marukome will start selling limited edition miso soups at local convenience stores by the end of March. Each cup will contain a different set of members wearing the iconic “Morning Coffee” outfits on the label. Each girl also represents a different ingredient: Mizuki with tofu, Masaki with okra, Haruna Ogata with tororo kelp, Haruna Iikubo with egg, Erina with spinach, Ayumi with green onions, Maria with ofu, Akane with deep-fried tofu, Sakura with wakame, Haruka with pumpkin, and Miki with deep-fried eggplant. The newest 13th generation members are also featured as Kaede represents minced meat and Reina is with enoki. These ingredients will be included in the limited edition soups.

Watch the updated version of their debut song “Morning Coffee”, renamed as “Morning Miso Shiro” (translated as “miso soup”) for the promotional tie-up, below the cut.



You can find more information about the Morning Musume. ’17 miso soup promotion here.

What famous song do you want to have a promotional tie-in with a food product?