More on Johnny’s Abortion Scandal + Nakai Masahiro Once Did the Same Thing?


Cutting of Contact After the Abortion and Having his Mother Interfere with the Confrontation…Is There Anyone to Blame for Johnny’s Morita Myuuto’s Unjust Behavior?!

Once again, a shocking scoop for Johnny’s has flow in. In the recent Shukan Bunshun, it was revealed by B-ko, the best friend of A-ko, that Johnny’s Junior Morita Myuuto impregnanted A-ko with whom he was in a relationship with and forced her to ┬áhave an abortion. Nakai Masahiro of SMAP allegedly also did the same in the past.

According to the article, Morita and A-ko first met at mutual’s drinking party, and in October of the same year, began a relationship. At the time, Morita was only 16, but drank like it was an everyday thing for him. After that in the March of this year, A-ko got pregnant, and confessed to Morita that she wanted to have the baby. However, Morita replied with “Think of my position,” and which resulted in A-ko having an abortion. At the time of the abortion, Morita said “I’m a celebrity so it’s [having the baby] impossible,” and refused to sign the abortion consent form or accompany A-ko to the Gynecologist.

Even after such a saddening thing happened, their relationship continued. However, on day Morita suddenly cut off contact. The worried A-ko visited Morita’s home where Morita’s mother told her “Because of you it got revealed to the office,” and turned A-ko away.

After that, B-ko accompanied A-ko to meet Morita, demanded an explanation for this chain of events, and recorded the conversation. However, Morita said, “My neck is on the line. My life is my own,” and called his own mother to protect himself. Morita stood behind his mother as his mother disparaged A-ko.

When Shukan Bunshu asked Morita about this incident, Morita denied his relationship with A-ko and the pregnancy. On the net, it was angry netizens have commented “He and his mother are terrible,” and “If you can call your mother when you are in troubled at least use protection!” It’s bad enough to cut of contact from your girlfriend after your impregnate her, but it is absolutely pathetic to call your mother at the last minute.

Speaking of Johnny’s, in the past Nakai Masahiro [allegedly] said to the woman he was dating when she got pregnant “It’s okay, it’s only a cell, surgery will be easy and it’s not a big deal,” irresponsibly forcing her to have an abortion. Also, this year in the same Bunshu, Johnny’s West member Fujii Ryuusei’s underage drinking and smoking, and allegations of rape were also reported. However, Fujii continued his activities as if nothing happened, and this month his first drama “Again!” will start airing on TBS. Morita is also starring in a late night drama called “Maho Boys Cherries.” Both Fuji and Morita’s incidents are being treated as if nothing happened. It is desired for Morita to think once again about what he did.




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