misono: Afraid of standing in the spotlight

On this past Sunday, singer and talent misono (30) updated her blog about ranking #6 in the “When you see this entertainer on TV, you’ll want to switch channels” ranking.

“I was thinking if I would end up at number 1”, she opened up in a self-deprecating manner.

“When you see this entertainer on TV, you’ll want to switch channels” ranking:

  1. Mari Yaguchi
  2. Minomonta
  3. Nana Suzuki
  4. Miki Andou
  5. Uno Kanda
  6. misono
  7. hiromi & Kawamoto (Jichou Kachou)
  8. Kiko Mizuhara, Mai Asada & Yusuke Kamiji

misono expressed her astonishment, „I thought that I would end up at #1 but, even though it’s me, I only reached #6!”

She continued, “Those that ranked from #1 to #10 are all entertainers that I personally like, so instead, it’s an honor to be on the same list as people who appear on variety way more frequently than I do.”

“So, aren’t those all people for whom you would keep watching without switching channels because they appeared?”, she asked her readers, “I’m already negative under normal circumstances but I’m having even worse thoughts right now. I’m being criticized too much and more and more afraid of standing in the spotlight.”

Netizens reacted to misono’s blog post in a generally negative manner:

+322 / -2
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:26:19
+533 / -4
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:26:38
It’s ok. People who are afraid of the public don’t have that much self-appeal (bitter smile)
+174 / -3
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:26:48
+318 / -3
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:27:05
isn’t she just like “look at me!!” lol
+201 / -4
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:27:15
Shut up
+294 / -7
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:27:19
Well then it would be better if you left the stage, how about that?
+395 / -2
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:27:22
Isn’t that just because she wasn’t out there enough to reach #1? I think people who don’t watch London Hearts see her as someone who vanished from the surface already.
+193 / -1
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:27:28
Damnit, that’s why you shouldn’t go out there!
+294 / -1
Anonymous, 2015/08/03 14:27:28

I said it before but it seems like misono can’t be #1 in the entertainment world… And that even though this is a ranking about how much you’re hatedmisono

(Picture: I want to be #1 just once!)

Even though misono’s final mini album failed to sell 10’000 copies, she has still been active as an entertainer.

Is misono’s career as a talent coming to an end as well? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

(via Girls Channel and goo Ranking)