Minako reveals she has Graves’ Disease

Talent Minako has revealed she has Graves’ Disease and will be hospitalized starting today. From there, she will soon undergo surgery to completely remove her thyroid gland.

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, most commonly found in women as a result of stress, pregnancy or genes.

She has stated she feels uneasy about the situation, “I want to go home. I’ve been wondering since day one if I’ll be alright. I already feel discouraged…”

She also noted she called her children from the hospital. Lonely and filled with anxiety she wrote, “Today is the birthday of my daughter Hisui. I’m sorry I’m not able to properly celebrate. Today she is 7-years old.”

Treatment for Graves’ Disease will prove to be trying time for Minako but as a single mother, she prays her health improves for her children.

(Via Excite News)