Mika Nakashima releases 44th single “KISS OF DEATH”

Today marks the release of Mika Nakashima‘s 44th single KISS OF DEATH!

For this release Nakashima collaborated with the iconic L’Arc~en~Ciel/VAMPS front-man HYDE . Their second collaboration overall, the two first crossed paths in 2005 for the song GLAMOROUS SKY.

KISS OF DEATH is currently serving as the theme song for the hit anime series Darling in the Franxx. The MV mainly features Nakashima flaunting around in a pair of panties and a white tank top, questionable looking CGI also makes it’s presence known all throughout the video.

The single is available for purchase in three different versions. Two limited edition CD+DVDs, one anime and one standard, and then a regular CD only. The anime edition comes with a Darling in the Franxx OP Video while the other comes with the full KISS OF DEATH MV.

Fans of the HYDE and Nakashima duo are in for a treat as the b-side is a 2018 version of their legendary hit GLAMOROUS SKY, the new version is titled GLAMOROUS SKY (Re: Present 2018).

Covers and the full MV for KISS OF DEATH can be seen below.