Meet Drone Venus, a new idol group promoting – yes, drones

Japan has idols for every niche market segment. The latest newcomer in the idol market is Drone Venus, a six-member idol project created to “convey the fascination and potential of drones”. Their motto is, ” Flying. Winning. Popularizing drones. Contributing to society”. These are also the themes they sing about while dancing and flying their drones. All the girls have their own specific drone model that they promote. The six members are all represented by talent agency HoriPro. The group includes some former (and  current) 48Group members.

Meet the girls behind the cut and watch their introduction trailer!


Misaki Momose

What I want to film: the ground of Hokkaido

Birthday: March 6, 1994

Hobbies: driving

Special skills: karate (for five years), action, baton twirling

Background: Debuted during the 33rd HoriPro Scout Caravan (won Judge’s Special Prize)


Seira Nagashima

What I want to film: cherry trees from above

Birthday: May 19, 1994

Hobbies/special skills: watching sports (soccer, baseball), loves cats, gaming (Jim Jim’s score above 900  000, Monster Hunter rank 40), good at looking for stuff, ex-member of a track and field club (running long jump), ex-member of soft tennis club

Background: graduated from Nogizaka46 in 2016


Anna Ishida

What I want to film: Tokyo nighscape

Birthday: May 27, 1996

Favourite food: Japanese pears, yakiniku

Special skills: dancing, drums, track and field (local champion of running long jump and 400m sprint)

Background: former SKE48 Team KII member


Moeno Nito

What I want to film: autumn colors

Birthday: July 22, 1992

Hobbies: singing, photography, appreciating films

Special skills: handicrafts, calligraphy, dancing, camera

Background: former 5th gen AKB48 member, graduated in 2013


Suzuran Yamauchi

What I want to film: the sea at the Maledives

Birthday: December 8, 1994

Hobbies: golf (amateur level best score over 80)

Special skills: dancing (hiphop, jazz, etc)

Background: currently in SKE48 Team S


Chika Yamane

What I want to film: a group photo of all of the fans together

Birthday: December 12, 1995

Hobbies: watching professional sumo

Special skills: dance

Background: Finalist of the 37th HoriPro Talent Scout Caravan


The project is a collaboration with Drone School Japan Tokyo Bay Area and It is unknown how long this project will continue or if the girls are going to release any music. Their debut gig is to host the Pancrase 292 hybrid wrestling match for Tokyo MX on December 10th.

(Via official site, PRTimes)