Masahiro Higashide loses CM deal, further details on his awful behavior at home

Masahiro did absolutely nothing when it came to housework and errands. The two welcomed twin girls in May 2016, the only thing more difficult than having one newborn, is more than one! Their third child, a boy, was born on November, 2017. He would constantly get upset if she didn’t have dinner already prepared for him when he got home.

If Anne prepared dinner ahead of time and he came home to it not piping hot, he would get angry again and leave her and the children to go drinking. Quite difficult to do with three very young kids. Furthermore, he was no help around the house, leaving all the errands and duties for Anne.

The reputation of Masahiro continues to slide as more details about the scandal come out. One has to wonder if a divorce announcement from Anne is next.

(Via Yahoo, Nikkan Gendai, and sponichi)

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