LISA to Rejoin m-flo After 15 Years

m-flo was formed in 1998 when VERBAL and ☆Taku Takahashi recruited their classmate LISA to do vocals on their songs. The following year, the group debuted. In 2002, LISA left the group for a solo career.

After 15 years, LISA is now back in m-flo. Last December, VERBAL was injured in a car accident in Hokkaido. LISA filled in for him at a m-flo event that month. Early this year, VERBAL, ☆Taku, and LISA met, with ☆Taku suggesting that m-flo come back as a trio.

The reunited m-flo already have a new song, a ballad titled “never.” It will serve as the theme song for the Iwata Takanori film “Kyonen no Fuyu, Kimi to Wakare”, out March 10. Unlike other ballads, it will have that that m-flo magic. Takanori has been a fan of m-flo since he was young, so he was happy about the reunion news and the fact that their song will be part of his movie.

The reunited m-flo will have their first live performance on December 31 at “Universal Countdown Party 2018” at Osaka Universal Studios Japan.


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