LADYBABY Announce Female-Only Section at Events Following Groping Incident

Following the conclusion of the third volume of their “Neo Dadaism” concert series on July 23, management of kawaii-metal duo The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY tweeted about a groping incident that happened during the live event.

Staff apologized and vowed to improve the experience of LADYBABY’s female fans by introducing a female-only section at future events. Additionally, they have asked male members of the audience to be vigilant in the future and report inappropriate behavior that occurs in the audience.

Check out the series of tweets below.

[Please note and caution] Today, there have been reports from multiple female attendees that a groping took place at the venue.
The intention is to have fun, but this is a crime.
If it is found that someone is targeting people, they will be prohibited from entering the live venue in the future and it will be reported to the police.

Thank you.

[To those victims and female fans]
You came looking forward to seeing a live performance from ReiRie (LADYBABY), and for that, we apologize.
From now on, we will pay more attention to creating an enjoyable environment by establishing a female area.
Thank you.

[Male fans] It’s with deep regrets that there was even one person like this, but we’d appreciate if you can help us out if you see anything.
Please speak up [and report] to a nearby staff member. We believe that fans of ReiRie (LADYBABY) are allies to women.
Thank you.