Kiryuin of Golden Bomber Hangs Out with HYDE

Kiryuhin of Golden Bomber recently got a special treat when he was able to meet up with his idol, Hyde of L’Arc En Ciel. The two took a photo and spent time making toast sprinkled with gold dust.

Kiryuin wrote on his blog:

“Because HYDE-san is here today, I thought that I should dress up, so today I wore a V-neck”
“I thought, popular guys wear V-necks”
“Why did you fuss over that?”
“I don’t care about clothing any more than this”

By the way, my outfit was like this.

Yeah, v-neck!
Then, HYDE-san hung out with me in this corner!
This will be a special recipe! “Gold dust toast!”
You spread butter on toasted bread, add some gold dust and eat it!

“I was just thinking that adding gold dust is pretty elegant”
“I was waiting for this kind of thing!”
“An unexpected reaction!www”
“I won’t eat gold dust bread after this”

So we spread butter on toast. I’m going to sprinkle some gold dust!

H “Uwa, what’s this, so exquisite!”
K “It’s sprinkling like bonito www”
H “I’m going to try to sprinkle it from a higher position”
K “Awesome”
H “What if you let this fall during the last part of a Golden Bomber concert?”
K “That would be expensive!”

Actually eating.
Crunch…on nom nom nom

H “I think this is a thing. I think this can become a Japanese standard”
K “wwww It’s really flashy”
H “Gold dust has a value of more than 5000 yen. Falling all airily like that. I thought angels were swooping down.”
K “Even more this might be the first time something like this was done in Japan.”

This time’s rating is
Two stars ☆☆

K “Wait wait wait!!!!!”
H “The gold dust was good but it wasn’t toasted enough”
K “Oh that~~~~!!!!!”

HYDE who graciously spent time with us today will be releasing a new album on 10/29 “BLOODSUCKERS” about which he says, “I managed to create songs so good that I don’t want to let anyone listen to them”!