Kimura Takuya dances with 80 people and asks “Are You Ready?”

Watch Kimura Takuya as he sashays his way in the PR video “Are You Ready?” for department store Sogo Seibu. The video will be up online starting on the 22nd and will broadcast on outdoor TV monitors. It aims to expand brand awareness among Asian visitors especially Chinese tourists. In mid July, the PR video will also broadcast in Sogo Hongkong and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, among others.

Shooting was carried out in popular tourist spot Shibuya scramble and in Seibu Shibuya branch. In the video, Kimura dances with 80 employees of the company. The CM starts with a busy shot of Shibuya scramble and 30 minutes prior to the store’s opening, Kimura vibrantly walks around asking “Are you ready?”, to which the employees responds with “OK”. The building was converted into a huge dance floor as everyone gets busy. Near the store’s opening time, tension rises up with the final shout of Kimura’s “Are you ready?”. At 10 am, the doors open with everyone making a welcome greeting to customers.

Watch the CM and Making of videos below.

(via Oricon)