Kenzo Takada’s latest fashion line theme by Tetsuya Komuro w/ Seiko Oomori

Fashion designer Kenzo Takada is about to launch his newest autumn line of clothing “SEPT PREMIERES by Kenzo Takada“- with it’s CM theme song being produced by legendary Tetsuya Komuro (commonly referred to as TK) with vocals by Seiko Oomori.

This was revealed at a press conference on the 18th of August, where Kenzo Takada, Tetsuya Komuro and Seiko Oomori were all present. The song is titled “Rever” and makes its premiere today, the 19th of August.

Have a sneak peek at the clothing line and watch the CM below!

Here’s the official cover page image:

And a peek of a few of the outfits going to be available:

Finally, you can watch the short 15s CM here on the official website.