KAT-TUN appears on LINE LIVE, announces live stream of anniversary event on March 22

On March 19, KAT-TUN appeared at a secret LINE LIVE and announced that the fan club anniversary event “KAT-TUN 2018 FIRST IMPRESSION “Ask Yourself” to be held on March 22 will be streamed exclusively on LINE LIVE.

For a short 8 minutes at 11 pm on March 19, KAT-TUN appeared at a secret LINE LIVE whose contents and guests were not disclosed until the actual event. A preliminary announcement only included a silhouette of a 3 – person group and a notice of an “important announcement”. Of course by now, Johnnys fans are experts in identifying the silhouettes of their fave groups’ profiles and so the expectation that KAT-TUN will be doing a LINE LIVE has been raised. When the live started, the three members appeared one after the other and communicated with fans.

The group will be releasing their first single after their ‘charging period’ titled “Ask Yourself” on April 18 and will be holding Tokyo Dome performances on April 20 – 22.  The announcement of the anniversary event live stream prompted a flurry of excited and surprised comments from fans. During the 15 minute frame of KAT-TUN’s LINE LIVE, it has gained more than 81,000 comments.

You can view the broadcast of last night’s LINE LIVE here and the upcoming anniversary broadcast here.

Nakamaru Yuichi “This is the first time on LINE LIVE, It’s a short time, but thank you. The times have changed, I’m glad to be able to tell the fans using the net! (After debuting) I was truly supported by various people. This (March 22 event) is a preliminary event! I want to have a good start at the Dome in April!”.

Ueda Tatsuya “Good evening everyone. The comments are amazing! 12 years (since debut) quickly passed by. I never thought we’d do live broadcast on the internet!”

Kamenashi Kazuya “It’s a strange feeling. Today, it’s been a while since these 3 people gathered. I would like to borrow this place to make a wonderful announcement. Our debut event on March 22 “KAT-TUN 2018 FIRST IMPRESSION? Ask Yourself” will be streamed on LINE LIVE so that more people can enjoy it! On the 22nd, for our fans and for people who will watch us for the first time, I would like to have more people enjoy it!”

(via Oricon)