Kalen Anzai Proves She’s Not a CGI Creation

Ever since her debut, Kalen Anzai has had a rumor swirling around her: that’s she’s not a real person. Some have speculated that she’s no more than a digital creation dreamed up in Avex’s office. Her photos and music videos are all heavily edited, giving them a more digital than real appearance. This theory has been further supported by her live performances, with make use of mirrors and screens.

However, a Tokyo Sports reporter recently met Kalen on the streets of Shibuya!

The reporter asked Kalen if she was in fact her, and she confirmed, a bit embarrassed. She then asked Kalen about the theory that she was a digital creation, to which Kalen said that she was really there. When asked if she would be doing more actual appearances, Kalen replied that she will continue to work as she did before.

The interview only lasted a few seconds, but it disproves the idea that Kalen is a CGI creation.

A music industry official said, “Kalen released three new songs last year, which resonated with the gyaru generation. The fans said that they wanted to see her. In 2020, we’re responding to the fans and coming out.”

Now that the debate over whether Kalen is real or fake is over, what’s next for her?