Junpei Mizobata transforms into a woman for new Kose ESPRIQUE ad

Actor Junpei Mizobata is the new model for a set of alluring Kose ESPRIQUE ads where he is transformed into a woman!

The special ads were created as a collaboration with Instagram. In the web CM we see a fresh faced Junpei posing for the camera, shortly after “ESPRIQUE’s Gel Liquid Eyeliner” is applied and the transformation is complete. The new eyeliner promises to transform any eyeline into a beautiful one, it’s a rich gel color eyeliner with brush-type pen that draws clear lines right to the outer eye. The three colors that are currently available to purchase are black, brown, and pearl brown.

Junpei commented that even though these products are geared toward women, he had a lot of fun participating in the CM. While posing for the pictures Junpei went into full character, even though you can’t see them in the pictures he was wearing women’s shoes. He even had on women’s underwear under the dress!  He was shocked when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time, and couldn’t believe how cute he looked. Junpei further commented saying that even though it must take a lot of work to do this every morning, the way it makes their users feel beautiful is a very good thing.

The web CM and pictures from the photoshoot can be seen below the jump.

(via mainichikirei)