Johnny’s Jr. group IMPACTors release full MV for their 1st song “Top Of The World”

Newly formed Johnny’s Jr group IMPACTors is making their presence known in a very big way! The boys caught the attention of many fans after the teaser for their very first original song “Top Of The World” was released on a newly formed Johnny’s Jr YouTube channel. The full MV for the track has finally been uploaded!

IMPACTors was formally announced as a group on the October 16th, 2020 SP episode of Music Station. They are currently regulars on the popular NHK music program “The Shounen Club”. IMPACTors was originally supposed to appear at the special event “Johnny’s Ginza 2020 Tokyo Experience”, but the event was confirmed to be canceled in October 2020 due to COVID-19.

Check out the full MV for “Top Of The World” below!

IMPACTors has a total of seven members, learn more about each of the members below:

Arata Sato(佐藤新)

・Born Sep 1, 2000 in Tokyo. Member colour is pink
・Specialty is kendo, where he’s achieved the level of 2 Dan
・His hobbies are watching movies, and hip hop dance

Shunsuki Motoi(基俊介)

・Born Oct 17, 1996 in Saitama. Member colour is green.
・Specialty is swimming, and loves to take walks, play video games, go for
drives, and hang out in cafes
・Dream is to host variety shows

Taiga Suzuki(鈴木大河)

・Born Jun 29, 1998 in Chiba. Member colour is blue.
・He loves online shopping for his favorite brands, especially trendy
・He aspires to be a gentle and big-hearted adult.

Takuya Kageyama(影山拓也)

・Born Jun 11, 1997 in Tokyo. Member colour is red.
・He feels his unique strength is the ability to talk to anyone, especially
senpai Johnny’s
・He enjoys playing hair stylist to the other members, as well as window
shopping around Tokyo.
・Aspires to be someone that everyone knows

Minato Matsui(松井秦)

・Born Sep 2, 2000 in Chiba. Member colour is yellow.
・Personal strength is that he never stops talking.
・Enjoys fashion, music and reading

Yuki Yokohara(横原悠毅)

・Born Sep 13, 1996 in Shizuoka. Member colour is purple.
・Personal strengths are singing, dance, and rapid-fire conversation
・Loves to watch comedy videos, and aspires to be a “Dandy” gentleman when he gets older

Taiga Tsubaki(椿泰我)

・Born Feb 10, 1998 in Kanagawa. Member colour is orange.
・Personal strength is dance.
・Loves to collect shoes, watch movies, and relax at tea cafes

Keep an eye on Johnny’s Jr newly formed YouTube channel for new updates on IMPACTors and other Johnny’s Jr groups!