Jin Akanishi’s JINDEPENDENCE TOUR to have “Live Viewing” in Japan, Taiwan, & Hong Kong

Today marks the very first date of Jin Akanishi‘s latest mini tour titled “JIN AKANISHI “JINDEPENDENCE” TOUR 2018″.

Located at the TOYOSU PIT by Team Smile venue in Tokyo, he will also be returning there for an encore performance tomorrow on May 2nd, 2018.

Throughout the month of May Akanishi will be traveling to Osaka, Nagoya, and then returning to Tokyo for the final dates of the concert. The finale will take place on May 24th at ZEPP TOKYO.

A special announcement has been made regarding his performance on the 23rd, also taking place at ZEPP TOKYO. Fans unable to make the concert in person will have the opportunity to visit a theater and watch the concert as it’s actually happening!

Due to the success of the last “live viewing” for Akanishi’s previous tour “Blessed”, Akanishi and his team decided to do it again and reach out to more of his fans overseas. Fans living in Taiwan and Hong Kong will have the opportunity to attend their own live viewing too.

Fans in Taiwan will have to go to the “Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi” theater, while those in Hong Kong have two options. “FESTIVAL GRAND CINEMA” and “GH Citywalk”.

Theaters in multiple Japanese prefectures will also be airing the concert, a full list of participating cinemas can be seen here.

One point of interest is a disclaimer on Akanishi’s website, warning that this will be different from movies and not have the typical “cinema” experience. It states that some fans might start to scream, cheer, or even get up and dance. So be prepared!