Jejeje! Rena Nounen is changing stage name to “Non”!

Rena Nounen left her fans in shock after announcing that she will be reprising her stage activities, but under a new alias Non. Nounen, or rather Non, rose to instant fame after her spectacular appearance in NHK asadora “Amachan” in 2013. Later her momentum fell flat, allegedly due to feuds with her agency LesPros. Rumours emerged that Rena will completely retire from entertainment industry when her contract with LesPros ends in June ’16.  

On 14th July, Rena Nounen was featured at “FRIDAY Digital”. She appeared in an interview, where she greeted the fans under her new alias and promised to resume the almost non-existent activities.

Unfortunately, the fans are dubious this change will do any good to the actress’s image.

Nounen-chan is becoming “Non”… what!!?

Oh, so this is a situation to shout “Jejeje!”?!

How will she be introduced on TV? Non-san? Non-chan? That’s so strange.

This new name is impossible to google! Fail!

She could have at least change it to “Rena”.

Will you cheer on Non from now on, ARAMA?

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