Japanese Netizens react on HIGH&LOW The Movie’s Second Week

LDH inc.’s big project that originally aimed to bring the best entertainment to the audience seems to be doing a good job in bringing entertainment to the netizens and it’s not probably in the way the LDH president, HIRO, expected.

HIGH&LOW The Movie was released on July 16, 2016 and ranked as 2nd in the box office. It has garnered about $4 Million in the first weekend screening. Fans have been coming to the screening not only because to see the movie but also because of the secret stage greeting from the actual artists involved in the project.

The second week has been rough to the said movie as it went down to 5th rank and only had $1.2 Million in the box office. Based on this, its result drastically went down to 69%. Because of this, the people who are in involved in the project had a wry smile thinking that the stage greeting really gave a huge impact during its first week.

However, this hasn’t surprised the netizens from girlschannel.


匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:39:45 [通報]
It won’t absolutely sell!
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:39:57 [通報]
A movie which only fans would watch.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:40:05 [通報]
Well, of course.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:40:13 [通報]
Results were obvious.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:40:44 [通報]
So there were actually people who watched.
匿名 2016/07/30(土)) 17:41:00 [通報]
The title is so lame.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:41:15 [通報]
Well, it’s popular among the Wotas
First, they will buy the CDs along with the contents that isn’t related to the music.
That’s the only good thing about that. They can reserve to that or something.
I mean, it’s not even in demand for the public.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:41:26 [通報]
They should just stop.
They’re overdoing it too much that the results are half-hearted.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:41:40 [通報]
Their eyes were finally opened.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:41:58 [通報]
It’s so painful to see AKIRA in the poster.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:42:00 [通報]
Just end HIGH&LOW and focus in individual activities already!
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:44:36 [通報]
I want them to be more active in singing and dancing instead.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:45:44 [通報]
Putting AKIRA on the poster has ended them already.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:46:12 [通報]
Please release Kubota-kun from this!
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:46:22 [通報]
I’ve been a fan of Sandaime since their debut but I never planned to watch this.
It’s too much of a waste.
It has made me cold to them.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:46:26 [通報]
Old men’s yankee cosplay.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:46:36 [通報]
Before, EXILE only focused on singing and dancing.
However, they became a male version of AKB now.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 17:55:39 [通報]
There are people who feel bad towards Kubota. You guys aren’t fans, right?
Kubota is an EXILE fan.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 18:00:03 [通報]
It started as HI. Ended as LOW.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 18:00:12 [通報]
I’m a fan of Golden Bomber but them being part of the cast is a mystery. ww Why are they even there?
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 20:34:56 [通報]
I’m a fan of Sandaime but I don’t want to watch this lame movie.
Rather, it is better if fans won’t watch it.
I hate HIRO for this stupid idea.
Just don’t do something excessive like this.
Just because of this cr*ppy movie, Sandaime hasn’t release a single since last September.
匿名 2016/07/30(土) 20:56:07 [通報]
Everyone is having a wrong idea about this.
It’s not a yankee movie.
It’s about some old men trying to protect the city against the yakuza.


Japanese netizens, including the fans, have various opinions about this project and it is really interesting to see their opinions online! How about you? Tell us what you think about this project! Do you agree with some of the Japanese netizens on this? 

Source: girlschannel


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