Iwahashi Genki to partly resume activities, will participate in King & Prince 3rd single

It was announced that King & Prince member Iwahashi Genki will be partly resuming his entertainment activities and will be participating in the group’s third single “Kimi wo Matteru” to be released on March 20. Iwahashi suspended his activities from the start of November 2018 to concentrate on the treatment of panic disorder that he has suffered for years.

Johnny & Associates comments “Iwahashi Genki is currently taking a rest in order to devote himself to the treatment of panic disorder. This time, we’d like to inform that with King & Prince’s third single “Kimi wo Matteru”, he’ll be resuming some entertainment activities.”

Iwahashi’s condition and the nature of panic disorder are primary considerations on the restriction of his comeback activities. Also, since he was completely away from work for about 3 months and taking into consideration his condition and nature of work, the doctor advised that it would be best for Iwahashi to gradually resume activities.”

Due to this, there will be situations where King & Prince will continue to work with five people. We hope for your understanding.”

They continued to say that Iwahashi is in good condition and is steadily heading for the better. He’ll continue to face panic disorder and work on treatments to overcome it, so fans are asked to wait for a while until all activities are resumed.

Iwahashi thanked fans for their support and assured fans that he’s doing better. “It may take some time to restore everything back to its original pace. While gradually returning, I feel the joy of being able to work again.” He continues to say that because he’s taking one day at a time, he’d be pleased if fans could wait until he fully resumes his activities. He also thanked the members who are working hard to keep his spot so he can return anytime.

“In order to respond to the thoughts of the members, I will certainly overcome this panic disorder and come back.”

(via Modelpress)