Interview with AISHA! “Cut Fuckboys Off. Seriously. Like, Right Now.”

How do you describe your musical style?:
AISHA: My main thing is POP MUSIC but because of my strong influence (and obsession) with R&B music, everything I do has an R&B twist or flavor to it.

Your new single Usotsuki LIAR is super catchy! What inspired the song?:
AISHA: An asshole.

Which I say with love because he helped me create such a beautiful song. But being lied [to] and cheated on can be SUCH a devastating experience. I want my precious Angels to know that it’s okay to know your worth and to cut off people that lie and betray you. I want this song to be crucial advice for women dealing with fuckboys: “cut him off. Seriously. Like, right now.

What does the imagery in the music video for Usotsuki LIAR symbolize, such as the skull with roses?:
AISHA:I wanted my video to be completely RED THIS, RED THAT, RED EVERYTHING. Because it’s the color I wanted to wear once I woke up from my nightmare relationship and I got a hold of myself and who I was as an independent strong woman.

I wanted to include the skull to emphasize the fact that this supposed ex was “dead to me.” But I couldn’t deny all the beautiful memories made during the relationship. Adding the flowers was a way of showing how something so beautiful and pure was destroyed.

Will Usotsuki LIAR be on a new album or mini album? If so, when will the album be released?:
AISHA: My main thing is POP MUSIC but because of my strong influence (and obsession) with R&B music, everything I do has an R&B twist or flavor to it.

Your mashups on SoundCloud are really creative and showcase your talents! Which one is your favorite? Would you ever release an album of your mashups?:
AISHA: Aaahhhhhhhh I love them. Mashing modern and old songs together feels so satisfying. I owe this idea to one of my FAVVVVV producers of all time INITIAL TALK (@initialtalk). He’s a Japanese producer that recently produced the official remix for Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. He’s maaaaaad dope. Lots of DJs beg me to send the mashups and they play it all over Japan! Which is pretty sweet too 🙂

(check out her SoundCloud page here)

Have you considered an international music career? Have any international labels offered to work with you?:
AISHA: I’ve only been working with Japanese labels. But thanks to ZUMBA (I’ve been collaborating and making songs for Zumba) I’ve had the opportunity to sing on MASSIVE stages that Shakira, Pitbull, Timbaland, Shaggy etc have performed on.

Seeing thousands and thousands of people screaming and dancing to my English songs was an insane experience. Ridiculous amounts of people would line up to get my autograph or take a picture with me when I perform in Miami, Florida, and I was thinking “I’m from JAPAN how do you know me???!” This definitely made me question and realize my potential to sing internationally.

How important was music to you when you were growing up?:
AISHA: My dad was a professional trombonist and my mom was a singer so I was always in and out of the studio. And that’s exactly what I do now. Music is a therapeutic drug that keeps me healthy and sane.

What is your creative process like?:
AISHA: I’ll be walking alone and out of nowhere I’ll be like OOH DOPE MELODY AND LYRICS it’ll just rain into my head out of nowhere and I’ll record it on my phone – send it to a track maker – discuss what kind of track I want – more this, more that, less this. Or I’ll get a bomb track and write lyrics over it in the studio. I prefer the first.

What is the toughest part of creating new music?:
AISHA: Because I’m constantly in and out of the studio as soon as I get a bomb idea for a new song, I don’t really get stuck. I never have that UH OH BOOM DEADLINE (make a song by this exact date); because I already have loads of songs that I’m really confident about recorded.

Which female musicians would you like to collaborate with?:
AISHA: I haven’t told her yet but I’m dying to collaborate with MINAMI from CREAM. She’s my buddypoo!

Which female artists have inspired you in your life?:

  • Chaka Kahn
  • Diana King
  • Mariah Carey
  • Whitney Houston

I’m heavily influenced by DIVA singers.

What challenges do you face (or have faced in the past) as a female musician in Japan? How did you overcome the challenges?:
AISHA: I grew up with stubborn, strong willed women (mom, grandma, aunt, cousins) and didn’t have much men in my life except my brother so I was always comfortable voicing my opinion.

This was completely crumbled once I started working professionally as a singer (15-18 years old). Men would talk over me, block out my ideas, run over me… which really messed me up.

CURRENTLY since I’ve surrounded myself with the people that I LOVE and respect, I no longer have that problem, and now that I’m wiser and confident about my vision and sound, I no longer let ANYONE walk over me. If they try me, I let them sit tf back down. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Do you have some advice or top tips for other female musicians?:
AISHA: As a woman there’s gonna be times when you’re gonna feel like your opinion doesn’t matter and that you need to follow “HIM” to reach your dreams.

Absolute bullshit.

“HE” or any other producer doesn’t have all the answers and when he’s wrong, he’s NOT gonna be there to back you up. ALWAYS sing and create the music that excites YOU, that screams YOUR NAME. And find a producer or track maker that wants to help you GROW as an artist. Someone you can be open minded with and speak your mind.

What’s left to come from you in 2018?:
AISHA: MY NEW ALBUM IS GOING TO BE FIRE. And I’m releasing more songs for ZUMBA so I’ll be performing in America this summer too! YAAAAAAS MIAMI HERE I COME!

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