Hikaru Utada shares her feelings about being a parent

Singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada (32) updated her Twitter in the morning of December 1, 2015 for the first time in approximately 5 months. In her last tweet which was published in July, she announced the birth of her first son.

Now, she expressed her feelings about having become a mother:

“I haven’t had to get up at 6:30 am in the morning since dropping out of university 15 years ago.
There is no weekend, no holiday and no absence due to poor health when it comes to “parent work”.
I only realized this now that I’m a parent myself… The first “ohayou gozaiKUMA BONJOUR!” since I’ve become a mom (=(エ)=)ノ彡☆”

(via Hikaru Utada’s official Twitter account)