Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yuya Takaki reveals sexy anan cover

Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuya Takaki is the latest cover boy for the popular magazine anan. His cover was released today, and is causing quite a stir with fans thanks to the very sexy cover.

The cover was unveiled today, and Yuya appears to be completly naked. Cutting off just above his waistline, it looks like he just came out of the shower. Portraying Yuya in a new, sexy image, fans seem to be very pleased.

When Yuya received the offer for the anan cover, it was already quite a hectic time for him due to various other activities. For about 6 weeks he trained extremely hard to make sure his body was in top shape for the photoshoot.

Yuya went on to comment that since this will be the last year of his 20s (he turns 29 in March) he wants to make the most of it. He’s excited for his fans to see how his exercise and diet paid off!

Yuya’s issue of anan will be released on February 13th, 2019.