Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke Stars in 31 Ice Cream’s New CMs

Starting on April 3, Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP will the star of 31 Ice Cream’s new commericals! The first CM is for the brand’s “Tanjoubi ni Wai Wai Cake.” In the commercial, Ryosuke enjoys an ice cream birthday cake at a party with a group of kids.

The second commercial is for 31 Ice Cream’s “Sawayaka Variety Pack.” In this CM, Ryosuke enjoys a variety of ice cream flavors with a group of friends. These friends include HiHi Jets members Takahashi Yuto and Inoue Mizuki.

Ryosuke has loved 31 Ice Cream since he was a child, so he was happy to be in the brand’s commercials. Check them out below!