Tabloids really want a member of Arashi to get married

For a decade now rumors about wedding bells ringing for various members of popular Johnny’s group Arashi has continued to fully dominate the Japanese tabloids.

Any mention of the words “Arashi” and “Wedding” will cause a stir online, and this has definitely been the case for the past month. The latest story to top online access rankings around the net involves actress Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto.

Inoue and Matsumoto have been rumored to be dating since 2005, but it’s never been fully confirmed. In the past Matsumoto has been linked to a popular AV actress and Inoue to the actor Kengo Kora.

Tabloid reporters are claiming that Inoue is “raging” due to the relationship between Kazunari Ninomiya and announcer Ayaka Ito. The two are alleged to be very close to getting married as their relationship continues to flourish.

There’s also marriage talks between Sho Sakurai and his rumored girlfriend Ayaka Ogawa, who works for TV Asahi as a newscaster. However, last month there was rumors that Sakurai broke things off with Ogawa, and is now dating a much younger college student.

This is apparently a big issue because the “continuous marriage” of members from such a popular group like Arashi would be absolutely forbidden. 2019 will also be a very busy year for the group as it marks their 20th anniversary, and a marriage (or more) would potentially meddle with celebrations.

Kazunari and Ito were said to have went on a pre-marriage vacation in August, and it was further alleged that Kazunari asked Johnny’s permission to marry Ito. If the two were to get married either at the end of the year or early next year, Inoue and Matsumoto would have to wait a very long time and she is not happy about that.

One entertainment reporter claims that “X-day” will be January 9th, 2019, her 32nd birthday. Whether it will be the wedding or engagement wasn’t directly stated. Inoue will apparently use her secret “super technique” to get what she wants, and Matsumoto will have no choice but to obey her. Matsumoto allegedly already started to follow “Soka Gakkai”, a sect of Nichiren (Japanese Buddhism) which Inoue follows.

Who do you think will be the first to marry in the Arashi “marriage race”?



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