Hinako Sano denies any romance with Ryunosuke Kamiki: “He’s a friend; we play the same games”

Model Hinako Sano (21) has been bombarded with questions about her potential relationship with actor Ryunosuke Kamiki (23) during an opening event of a new beachfront venue in Yuigahama. Sano strongly denied any romance between her and Kamiki and explained he is only a friend and they share the same hobby of video games.

In June Shunkan Bunshun caught the pair on something that looked pretty much like a date. The reporters noticed that Sano is frequenting Kamiki’s apartment. The couple has been caught leaving the apartment together wearing coordinated outfits (same T-shirt and baseball caps, parkas and sandals).

Hinako Sano is currently a cast member of the Getsu9 drama ‘Suki na Hito ga Iru koto‘. Her big break as an actress came in 2015 when she was chosen to portray Misa Amane in the drama version of the hit series ‘Death Note‘. She started her career as a reader model and is affiliated with management agency Horipro.

Ryunosuke Kamiki is one of the most successful child actors and probably a top star of his generation. Currently, he is promoting the Kudo Kankuro movie ‘TOO YOUNG TO DIE‘, but has been evading the topic of the date with Sano during press conferences. Kamiki has been romantically linked to actress Mirai Shida before, however neither confirmed. His agency is Amuse.

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