Female Idol Estimated Annual Income Ranking

The female idol market has BOOMED in the past couple of years, catapulting hundreds and hundreds of young girls into the spotlight.

Exciting MAX! magazine has recently published a ranking in their August 2014 issue about the (alleged) yearly earnings of female idols. These numbers consider their tenture within their company and also includes their outside activities like magazines, media appearances, acting, etc. It’s  important to note that there are additional various expenses that aren’t revealed to the public like housing and transportation supplied by their companies so those are not accounted for in these numbers. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

At the time of writing this post, 1 million yen is roughly $9,870 USD.

NameGroupEstimated Income
50Erika DenyaBabyraids9,000,000 yen
48Suzuran YamauchiSKE4810,000,000 yen
48Sakura MiyawakiHKT4810,000,000 yen
44Aya ShibataSKE4811,000,000 yen
44Ami MaedaAKB4811,000,000 yen
44Miyu YoshimotoX2111,000,000 yen
40Miyuki WatanabeNMB4812,000,000 yen
40Ayaka WadaS/mileage12,000,000 yen
40Kaori MatsumuraSKE4812,000,000 yen
40Nana YamadaNMB4812,000,000 yen
35Rie KitaharaAKB4815,000,000 yen
35Pour LuiBiS15,000,000 yen
35Akari SudaSKE4815,000,000 yen
35Mogami MogaDempagumi.inc15,000,000 yen
35Hitomi MiyakeIdoling!!!15,000,000 yen
33Sae MiyazawaSNH4816,000,000 yen
33Momoka ItoFairies16,000,000 yen
29Makoto OkunakaPASSPO17,000,000 yen
29Mizuki FukumuraMorning Musume17,000,000 yen
29Maimi YajimaC-ute17,000,000 yen
29Yurina KumaiBerryz Koubou17,000,000 yen
26Ai OkawaIdoling!!!18,000,000 yen
26Hinako Kinoshitahimecarat18,000,000 yen
26Yui YokoyamaAKB4818,000,000 yen
25Rina IkomaNogizaka46/AKB4820,000,000 yen
22Momoko TsugunagaBerryz Koubou24,000,000 yen
22Riho SayashiMorning Musume. ’1424,000,000 yen
22Rurika YokoyamaIdoling!!!24,000,000 yen
20Minami MinegishiAKB4826,000,000 yen
20Jurina MatsuiAKB48/SKE4826,000,000 yen
19Reni TakagiMomoiro Clover Z29,000,000 yen
17AmiE-Girls30,000,000 yen
17Momoka AriyasuMomoiro Clover Z30,000,000 yen
14Haruka KudoMorning Musume. ’1433,000,000 yen
14Umika Kawashima9nine33,000,000 yen
14Ayaka SasakiMomoiro Clover Z33,000,000 yen
13Sayaka YamamotoNMB4835,000,000 yen
12Haruka ShimazakiAKB4842,000,000 yen
11Rena MatsuiSKE48/Nogizaka4643,000,000 yen
10Yuki KashiwagiAKB4845,000,000 yen
7Shiori TamaiMomoiro Clover Z46,000,000 yen
7Sayumi MichishigeMorning Musume. ’1446,000,000 yen
7Mayu WatanabeAKB4846,000,000 yen
6Ami KikuchiIdoling!!!49,000,000 yen
5Kanna HashimotoRev. from DVL50,000,000 yen
3Kanako MomotaMomoiro Clover Z53,000,000 yen
3Minami TakahashiAKB4853,000,000 yen
2Haruna KojimaAKB4859,000,000 yen
1Rino SashiharaHKT4868,000,000 yen



This post is tagged with gossip, meaning it contains information that is purely speculation.

We post about gossip for the sake of discussing topics that are not often talked about on this site and how the Japanese entertainment industry interprets certain issues within the context of their culture. Plus, it's fun.