AAA’s Mitsuhiro Hidaka dating Silent Siren member Yukako Kurosaka?

It has been reported that AAA member Mitsuhiro Hidaka is in a relationship with Silent Siren keyboardist Yukako Kurosaka.

The two met in 2011 while working together on the set of SKY-HI’s “WHIPLASH” music video. Yukako plays Mitsuhiro’s love interest, their scenes together gained a bit of notoriety between fans due to Mitsuhiro giving her a “kabe-don”.

Neither has yet to comment publicly on the relationship, however both of their agencies have released statements saying that they leave personal matters up to them neither confirming or denying the report. Fans have reacted quite positively to the news, with many of them congratulating the two in the “WHIPLASH” video comment section.

Mitsuhiro is currently gearing up for promotional activities for AAA’s upcoming single “Namida no nai Sekai” due out October 5th. Silent Siren is currently on an international tour, on September 30th they will be performing at the Musicians Institute Concert Hall in Hollywood California.

(via @UnleashTheGeek)


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