Gintama Sequel Announced for Summer 2018

After the massive success of the live action Gintama film, a sequel was announced to be released in Summer 2018.  At the Blu-ray/DVD release commemoration event held in the Tokyo · UDX THEATER on November 16, Director Yuichi Fukuda revealed the news of Gintama Part 2 (tentative title).  Shun Oguri, actor of main protagonist Sakata Gintoki, was also in attendance at the event.

The films are an adaption of the Gintama manga created by Hideaki Sorachi.  The world of Gintama is set in an alternate Edo riddled with unique characters such as Amanto, the Shinsengumi, and the Yorozuya trio.

(via natalie)

I’m feeling slight hype.  What arc would you like to see adapted into live action?