Former members of AKB48 to appear in new single

AKB48’s upcoming single “Kibouteki Refrain” (Wishful Refrain) features 4 graduated members who appear in the new PV. The PV itself symbolizes the passing of the center position and features Atsuko Maeda (23) Yuko Oshima (26) Mariko Shinoda (28) and Tomomi Itano (23) along with the successive generations in a sprinting relay to pass on two black bags containing golden microphones. These microphones are passed from one member to another before finally ending up with Watanabe Mayu (20) and HKT48’s Sakura Miyawaki (16) who then perform with the rest of the members.

Mayu Watanabe states (in regards to working for the center position) that AKB48’s history is powered by the support of the fans and that the center position is a gift.

“Kibouteki Refrain” is to be released on the 26th of November.