Former Berryz Kobo member Risako Sugaya gives birth to baby girl!

It has been announced that former Berryz Kobo member Risako Sugaya has given birth to a healthy baby girl!

Sugaya shared the happy news herself on both her official Instagram and LINE blog. She actually gave birth on March 1st, but only decided to share the news with her fans now.

In the caption she wrote that since she’s only been a mother for 2 months, every single day she’s still “exploring” in reference to motherhood. She wishes that she would grow with her daughter at the same time.

It seems like Sugaya’s daughter is well on her way to becoming quite the fashionista like her mother. She’s seen wearing a onesie from Bonpoint, a very high-end couture house for children based in France.

Furthermore, Sugaya stated she will finally start to post on social media again, but don’t expect 10 updates a day, she’ll do it at “her own pace”.

For over 10 years Sugaya was one of the lead vocalists of Berryz Kobo. Once the group went on an indefinite hiatus she took a break from the industry and made her return in the fashion scene.

She originally shared the news of her pregnancy in October 2017. Sugaya is the very first member of “Hello!Project kids” to give birth.

Congratulations to Risako and her family!