The Coveteur Takes a Look Inside of the Homes and Closets of Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ ELLY, Alisa Ueno, and MEG BABY

The Coveteur is a site that takes peeks into the homes and closets of  fashionable individuals from around the world. The site recently went to Tokyo to investigate the abodes of various stylish individuals. Among those were ELLY of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Alisa Ueno, and MEG BABY.

In ELLY‘s home, The Coveteur found the dancer clad in Thom Browne and Celine. ELLY revealed that he has an affinity for Calvin Klein fragrances, sunglasses, Air Jordans, Timberlands, and Beats by Dre wireless headphones. His favorite designer is D.TT.K. He also said that Shibuya’s Underline and Junkmania are among his favorite stores. Hip hop is a big influence on his style.

When The Coveteur visited Alisa Ueno, they realized that things that could be found among fashionable individuals in the West, could be found among the Japanese as well. They found Alisa’s 2 large closets to be filled with Moschino, Chanel, Versace, and Saint Laurent, all in black, white, red, or gold. Alisa says that her style isn’t girly, and that she is keeping up with current trends by simplifying things. She does however still like to add an unique touch. She’s fond of Kiehl’s skincare products and always keeps mulitple lipsticks in her purse. She gets her inspiration from traveling and having conversations with people.

The Coveteur found MEG BABY via Instagram. They were dying to get a look into her closet full of Moschino and Stella McCartney. They noted that while some things were different about her home from theirs, some were similar, like her Dior and Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics. It was also noted that while her designer meets cartoon outfits wouldn’t be out of place in the West, her collection of toys set her apart from her Western counterparts. MEG BABY said that she likes to mix high and low fashion. She also said that her style used to be really influenced by Jennifer Lopez.