Spring is coming! Who started the new season with an image change?

Spring is upon us! And spring – anyone will admit – is a perfect season to get some more air and refresh the hairstyle after winter. Check out who of our favorite celebrities already updated their social media accounts with a photo of their new season look!

Sayaka Akimoto: New me!

Former AKB48 idol, Sayaka Akimoto went out for new bob look about a week ago. Result: netizens approved. Seeing the budding actress (Sayaka can be recently seen in drama ‘Sumika Sumire’ and Koki Mitani’s ‘Galaxy Turnpike’) in dark glasses some fans commented:  “Wow! I thought for a moment this is Kiko Mizuhara!”.

New me! #cutmyhair

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Shoko Nakagawa, just can’t get enough.

Shokotan cut her long hair for the first time ever. She said goodbye to her curls on the morning on March 21st. In the afternoon, she cut them some more. “I’m cold in the neck now!!!” she laughed.


Nao Matsushita prepping for the role.

Speaking of firsts, actress Nao Matsushita is also a short hair debutante this spring. She is preparing for the starring role in a new Fuji TV drama ‘Hayako-sensei, kekkon suru tte honto desu ka?‘ (‘Is it true Hayako-sensei gets married?). She will take on the lead role as a primary school teacher, who lacks charm and do not think about marriage yet. Come on, Nao Matsushita not charming? “I wanted to cut my hair for a long time, but had a chance. I cannot get used to myself yet.” the actress commented.


Hiro Mizushima, back to the roots.

We have a man in our group as well. Actor Hiro Mizushima went for a close shave at the end of February. The fans were delighted to see him back to this younger “Harry Potter”-like look. The only girl less enthusiastic about the change was… his 1-year old daughter, who had troubles recognizing him at first.  

Your fav is not here? Share their hairstyle news with us in the comments!