School Daze. FEMM Tries Out Americana in Vogue Japan

The image of an American high schooler has been one of interest for many abroad. But not just any American high schooler will do; it has to be the 1950/60s American high schooler. This is when teenage culture really started to bloom in the United States, and it has made people nostalgic for a time and place they were never apart of. But you can always be pretend, right? Fashion label Coach‘s lastest collection focuses on this time period and so does Vogue Japan in it’s latest magazine spread. Appearing on it’s pages is music duo FEMM, dressed to resemble mid-western school girls. In a special movie they hit the town of Tokyo to show off their new looks and have fun like teens do.

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This is all part of Vogue Japan‘s special on what is Americana. You can read more stories in this series at Vogue Japan. And if you didn’t know, you can find the items FEMM is wearing at Coach‘s physical and online stores.

via Vogue Japan