Popteen announces winners for model Grand Prix

Following a reader voting period online, the final round of fashion magazine Popteen’s Grand Prix model audition was held at this year’s ‘Gokiken! Popteen Natsu no Shingeki Matsuri 2014‘ yesterday at Zepp Tokyo.

Chosen out of 3,026 contestants across the country, third year junior high student Kitazawa Mayu came in first for the women’s division. Given a tiara and royal cape she shared her excitement, “I didn’t think there was a way I could have possibly won. I’m really glad.”

For the men’s division, 18 year-old Matsuhisa Kaede came in first. “Word can’t express my happiness” he stated. “Along with modeling, I have an interest in trying out acting as well.”

Female Contestants
Nickname Name Birthdate Age Height Origin
Kazumin Mori Kazumi 2000/12/12 13 164 cm Tokyo Metropolis
Chipitan Ishikawa Chihiro 1998/12/15 15 160 cm Tokyo Metropolis
Mocchii Chuubachi Mone 1997/9/16 16 158 cm Miyagi
Mayu Kitazawa Mayu 1999/10/20 14 163 cm Aichi
Azu Yokoi Azumi 1998/7/16 15 170 cm Kanagawa
Mikkii Ookubo Mitsuki 2000/1/27 14 161 cm Hyogo
Maichon Ono Maika 1995/8/2 18 153 cm Oita
Aichon Ono Aika 1995/8/2 18 154 cm Oita
Male Contestants
Nickname Name Birthdate Age Height Origin
Kaede Matsuhisa Kaede 1996/5/21 18 175 cm Tokyo Metropolis
Ryoupin Takahashi Ryou 1995/8/18 18 171 cm Kanagawa
Kai Komori Kai 1996/11/18 17 175 cm Fukuoka
Taka Ueno Takahiro 1994/11/16 19 177. 7 cm Kanagawa
Yukkii Tomita Yukihiro 1997/11/26 16 170 cm Tokyo Metropolis

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