Miliyah Kato creates baby brand called “Permanent Chic”

Singer and fashionista Miliyah Kato has unveiled her latest project, a brand new clothing line aimed at babies. Her brand is called “Permanent Chic“, and will primarily focus on products for babies and mothers. The very first item launched on January 20th, with more release slated for the next upcoming months.

As-per the official website Permanent Chic means “permanent splendor and elegance”, with all the products designed for the safety and comfort of mothers and children. A big selling point is that she’s only using organic cotton for the products, with her brand being certified by GOTS (global organic textile standard).

The first item for sale is the “Marble Swaddle Blanket”, available in either black or white. It’s a multiuse product that can be used for wrapping babies, a nursing cape, a quilt, or even a cover to protect a stroller from the wind or sun.

Retailing at ¥10,120 all orders will come housed in a luxurious gift box. Check out Permanent Chic’s website here.