Let Them Eat Cake! Nicole Fujita Turns into Marie Antoinette for 25Ans

The November issue of 25Ans has already hit store shelves. One of the main attractions for this volume is the article about how the world is still addicted to Marie Antoinette. From her fashion to her jewelry and much more, the ill-fated former queen of France still captures the imagination and inspires many today. For those who love the style of Marie, 25Ans is giving tips on how to create looks reminiscent of her for this Autumn and Winter. Also, they have a special photo shoot with Nicole Fujita playing the part of Marie Antoinette. Nicole was kind enough to post pictures and a bts video of the shoot on her twitter account for all her fans to see.


Lately, Miss Fujita has been trying to mature her image while still remaining cute. Is this a step in the right direction?

Via Twitter