Kumamiki Tackles Neo-Street Style on Last Episode of ‘Evolution of the Harajuku Fashion’

Popular youtuber Kumamiki has been chronicling Harajuku fashion trends through out the decades in her series ‘Evolution of the Harajuku Fashion‘ on her youtube channel. Yesterday she uploaded the last video in the series, ‘Neo-Street Makeup & I love Harajuku‘. In the Neo-Street portion, Kumanmiki gives a demo on how to apply make-up to gain the desired look associated with the fashion movement. Not only does she lists the products you need, she also gives the brand names of the items that she is using. Closing up the video she talks about the project and how Harajuku is a place where people can express their individuality. She highlights that it’s not about the brand names that people wear, but how a person carries the look and transports you into their world.

Other styles that Kumamiki has focused on in this series were: Shironuri, Neo-Cosplay, Shibuhara, Fairy, Hadeko and more!!!! You can check out all the other videos on her youtube channel.

What’s your favorite Harajuku trend?