Kiko Mizuhara & kemio cover ViVi magazine with self-shot photos

Model Kiko Mizuhara and content creator kemio will be covering the upcoming issue of popular fashion magazine ViVi. Due to the complications of coronavirus being rampant, shooting for the magazine took place with “ultimate social distance” rules, New York and Tokyo!

The editorial department of ViVi selected Mizuhara and kemio for the cover hoping that the cheerful duo would help brighten the spirits of their readers. Both Mizuhara and kemio agreed that it would be fun for the entire shoot to be “DIY”.

They both did self-styling, makeup, and shooting. ViVi’s editorial department requested that they show off their current favorite clothes, makeup, and most importantly favorite pose.

The August issue of ViVi with Mizuhara and kemio will be released on June 23rd, 2020. Check out preview photos of Mizuhara’s photoshoot below!