Fashion model Rola releases her own stylebook

On June 26th, fashion model Rola (24), has released her style book, “ROLA’S CLOSET”. The book features 275 different coordinates, as well as photos of her closet at home. Photos of her collection of bags, accessories and shoes are also included. The book is priced at 1400¥.

Her fashion has also gained attention from around the world through her numerous coordinate snaps posted on her Instagram.

Rola held a talk event on the day of the release with an audience of 100 female readers.

During the event, Rola introduced her coordinates and shared her views on fashion, tips on how to take perfect photos and answered questions from the audience.

According to Rola, the best way to show off what you’re wearing is to take your photo while standing in front of a wall with a simple design. That way, your clothes can pop out in the photo. She also believes that shoes play an important part as they are an item that complete the whole outfit. She also revealed that she never wears the exact same outfit twice, and can stay inside her closet for around an hour to try and sort out all of her ideas.

This is the 2nd book that Rola has published.