Fans Hopeful for a Mari Yaguchi Comeback

Former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi (31), who has not appeared in public since her affair came to light last May, emerged through a telephone appearance on Fuji TV’s Mecha-Mecha-Iketeru on the 13th. Since then, Yaguchi’s blog has had a rapid increase in comments hoping for Yaguchi’s return.

Yaguchi’s blog, just like her career, took an indefinite hiatus once her cheating scandal was exposed. Her last entry is titled “To everyone,” contains her apology as well as her intent to take a break from the industry. Due to the blog not being shutdown, fans who hope for her return still leave comments. Though only a few are left each day, there are more than 5000 comments as of September 12th.

Since the 13th, the comments have increased tenfold. This is all due to her recent “telephone appearance”. During the show, fellow Morning Musume alum Kei Yasuda called Yaguchi and received a call back. One of the hosts Takashi Okamura then addressed her “How are you? You’re doing good right?”

Though Yaguchi’s actual voice could not be heard, viewers said they could still sense her presence.

Below are some of the many encouraging comments fans left on her blog.

トワ 2014-09-15
Don’t give up Yagucchan!
You have a lot of comrades that are always waiting for you! Please show us your energy filled appearance!
あきほ 2014-09-15
I want you to return quickly!!!早く復帰してほしいっす!!!
And, I want to see all the previous Morning Musume like Tsuji-chan and Kago-chan, singing on TV!!!!!!
まり子 2014-09-15
Yagucchi , hurry back.
Everyone is waiting for you.
けるる 2014-09-15
Though I can imagine it is difficult, I have great hope for your future! Good luck! (〃⌒ё⌒〃)
めぐみる 2014-09-15
Whenever I see former Morning Musume on Tv,
I keep thinking that you should be on here…
Or, when I watch Hirunandesu,
I think every time, I want to see Yagucchan…
I hope for you to return little by little♪
ゴールデンエッグス 2014-09-15
I don’t care what format but I really want to hear your voice…
まゆ 2014-09-15
You have apologized and taken responsibility enough!
You have nothing more to apologize for. Please hurry back to work (*^_^*)
マメ子 2014-09-15
I will always support you!!!!
Everyone here is your ally♪
Yagucchan’s allies♪

One can wonder whether Yaguchi is reading these comments.

(Via Translation by maiyan